The BRIDGIT Program

The BRIDGIT Program is a 12-month scaling and development program designed to empower female entrepreneurs to break structural gender barriers, gain from digital solutions and scale social impact. The program is built around mutual learning with social entrepreneurs and female leaders in partner organizations. BRIDGIT is a program developed by Reach for Change

The digital revolution offers endless opportunities, and it is radically transforming old power structures. But the world of technology is still very much a boy’s club. Few girls grow up seeing tech as a viable career opportunity or even a hobby. Even fewer women stay in the industry, let alone reach leadership positions. A vast majority of all tech startups are run by men, and men receive the bulk of all money invested in digital development.

This is a global issue and not only one for women and girls. Tech companies around the world are missing out on talent and struggling with diversity issues.

There is no more powerful catalyst for change than a strong idea in the hands of a passionate entrepreneur. But entrepreneurs that are dedicated to change the status quo need support.

A few key components in the program are:

– Scaling boot-camp. An intense training and exchange session focused on scaling.
– Collaborative problem-solving. Entrepreneurs team up within the global network and female leaders to jointly problem solve, strategize and share experiences around challenges and success factors in breaking break gender barriers and embracing digital solutions.
– SDG 5 summit. Public event focused on how to enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.